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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

       Our company has fully implemented the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the latest version of ISO: 9001-2015. The system document contains four levels of documents: quality manual, procedure document, operation document and record sheet. And successfully passed the system audit of Fangyuan certification. The quality management system comprehensively controls the product realization process such as the technical design of the product, the purchase of spare parts, production technology, production location, manufacturing process, performance indicators, testing and inspection and after-sales service to ensure the quality consistency and stability of the produced products .
       From the company’s quality policy "standardized management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and pursuit of excellence", it can be seen that the company first starts with the construction of rules and regulations to ensure that the various processes and inter-departmental connections of product operations are governed by rules. There are laws to follow in all aspects of product production. Only when the quality of work is improved can product quality be effectively guaranteed. The pursuit of quality is always a never-ending road of improvement. It is necessary to continuously improve the quality of our work and products in order to keep our quality from falling behind and leading the industry. The output of quality management is customer satisfaction. Everything is focused on customer needs. The products we make make customers use well, use them with confidence, and get praise from customers, so that the results of quality management can be reflected. Only by accomplishing the previous points can we become the leader and leader in the subdivisions, pursue outstanding development, and build a century-old store.
       The company has established an inspection technology system in the forging equipment manufacturing industry through the detailed division of quality management, inspection technology, and product inspection. It mainly includes the following five aspects:
1. Inspection planning. According to the characteristics of the forging equipment, conduct a foreseeable project inspection work plan, and clarify the key quality control measures and overall requirements of the product realization process
2. Inspection specifications. Standardize the quality management of key processes such as casting, processing, and assembly, compile "Operation Instructions" for each process and product, clearly stipulate the standardized management of inspection work, and form corporate standards
3. Plan management. Carry out sound plan management of inspection work, and closely integrate product inspection with production arrangements. Standardize the output requirements of product inspection technical documents at each stage, and drive and promote the delivery of products with guaranteed quality on time through inspection plan management
4. Inspection process. Improve the "design-process-test" specification, unify inspection standards and requirements, form inspection operation guidance documents, and adopt sufficient inspection method planning and inspection preparations to reduce and reduce the inspection workload and difficulty of critical links
5. Inspection records. According to the traceability requirements of the whole process, the inspection records, process records, and final assembly and debugging records of each link are standardized. Clarify the statistical requirements of product quality information and provide basic data for product optimization
       The company's quality management department is divided into quality management room and product inspection room, which are respectively responsible for work quality and product quality. Quality management personnel are trained after receiving quality management knowledge system training; product inspection personnel are subdivided into inspection work types according to IQC/IPQC/OQC, and there are full-time inspection personnel for machining, assembly, electrical installation, welding, flaw detection, etc., which are trained according to process requirements Qualified and qualified to work with a certificate. In addition, in order to achieve full participation in quality control, each department has full-time quality personnel, who have passed the training and examinations taught by professional training institutions, and hold the ISO9001 internal auditor certificate to participate in quality management activities.
       In order to meet the requirements of new product development and product testing, the company has set up a laboratory, equipped with universal testing machine, impact testing machine, electric Rockwell hardness tester, electronic Brinell hardness tester, UT ultrasonic flaw detector, grounding continuity tester, resistance Voltage tester, insulation resistance measuring instrument and other instruments can be used for the mechanical property testing of metal materials, internal defect detection of materials, electrical circuit safety performance testing, etc.

  • Ultrasonic flaw detector

    Ultrasonic flaw detector

    Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Impact tester

    Impact tester

    Impact tester
  • Insulation impedance tester

    Insulation impedance tester

    Insulation impedance tester
  • Pressure tester

    Pressure tester

    Pressure tester
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