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Development prospect of electric screw press

Development prospect of electric screw press

Energy saving and emission reduction is a general trend in the development of the world machinery industry. The electric screw press is a highly efficient, energy saving, new and general electromechanical and hydraulic integrated forging and pressing equipment, which belongs to a new energy-saving and environmental protection forging equipment in China. Energy-saving CNC electric screw press is favored by domestic and foreign industries due to its simple structure, strong anti-bias ability, easy operation and maintenance, accurate control of energy, energy saving, green environmental protection, good forming precision and high production efficiency. Electric screw press has been a mature product abroad, widely used in die forging, trimming, calibration and other precision forging process. In recent years, with the development of electric motor manufacturing technology and electric power industry in China, the conditions for the development of electric screw press in China have gradually become mature. The electric screw press is driven directly by the electric motor, with few transmission links and no wear parts that need to be changed frequently, so it is welcomed by users. Due to the current domestic market (forging industry and refractories processing industry) to this kind of equipment demand is very large, both from the economic and social benefits have a considerable advantage. Whether from the economic indicators, or from the social benefits, the use of electric screw press in domestic promotion is feasible, it is bound to have a good market development prospects and strong market competition strength!
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Wuhan NEWWISH technology Co.,Ltd.

Wuhan NEWWISH technology Co.,Ltd.

Wuhan NEWWISH technology Co.,Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, has long been engaged in the research and development of new forging and pressing equipment and its computer control system. Technical supporting institution for huazhong university of science and technology state key laboratory of material forming and molding technology and advanced forming technology and equipment engineering technology research center of hubei province, the center of huazhong university of science and technology, scientific research and development team from bear the national and provincial key research project since 1965, the national natural science fund project, 863 major target products and cooperation with many enterprises in our country to undertake the project, Constitute by the mechanical engineering, materials processing, automatic control, computer, software, laser, optic-mechanical integration and new materials such as discipline of teachers, engineering and technical personnel and experienced technical team composed of multi-disciplinary and multi-level workers, for years completed dozens of important scientific research and engineering projects, the national scientific and technological progress second prize 3 items, the third prize of national invention, paragraphs 1 and 4 provincial first prize, second prize and third prize at the provincial or ministerial level 10, more than 30 invention and utility model patents. Company has successfully developed under 16 mn hydraulic screw press, the new type double base friction press and 25 mn J58K series CNC electric screw press, the other with lanzhou LanShi heavy industry technology co., LTD. (former lanzhou petroleum and chemical machinery works) cooperation, the successful development of 8 mn, 16 mn, 45 mn CNC fast forging hydraulic unit, and complete the shougang group special steel co., LTD., the Great Wall special steel co., LTD., wuhan heavy casting co., LTD and other units forging hydraulic press reconstruction project. The company is now specializing in the production of J58K type CNC electric screw press (research and development, production, sales and after-sales), adhering to the concept of "creating the first brand of Electric screw press in China", excellence, products in the domestic industry leading position; At the same time, the company takes the lead in developing and successfully promoting several fully automated forging production lines and turnkey projects in China, and is determined to become an overall solution provider in the field of hot die forging. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the production base is located in No.2 Chuangye Avenue, Gedian Development Zone, Hubei Province.
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Suggestions on measures to promote the development of forging press industry

Suggestions on measures to promote the development of forging press industry

In recent years, the output of forging products in China far exceeds that of other countries, but we are always large but not strong, and the concentration of forging enterprises is very low. To promote the benign development of enterprises in the future, it not only needs the encouragement and support of national policies, but also needs the state to provide a development environment of fair competition, and also needs the organization, guidance and driving of industry associations. (1) Improve industrial promotion policies, reduce the ways of promoting industrial development through investment, and increase the reliance on tax incentives to guide industries to become bigger and stronger. (2) Innovate business models and adopt a variety of development modes. (3) Introduce materials, processes and technologies suitable for China's national conditions. Enterprises should not simply invest blindly, take pride in owning the world's largest equipment, and neglect the corresponding technology. (4) In the face of the arrival of the industrial era, how to deal with the domestic forging industry. In the future, the demand of forging industry will be: intelligent equipment - intelligent upgrade of domestic equipment control system; Business informatization - big data, point-to-point rather than point-to-point; Supply chain integration - coordinated and unified development of process, mould and equipment; Roboticized - labor costs are high, and young people nowadays are reluctant to enter the factory especially the forging business. (5) Enterprises should go abroad, push domestic enterprises to the international market, and take advantage of international conferences to promote. (6) Establish a platform for product information exchange and docking with platform websites, strengthen B2B business websites, and realize the sharing of information and resources. (7) Improve the financing environment of enterprises, learn foreign financial models, innovate business philosophy, and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. (8) Enterprises should promote military-civilian integration and seek new development opportunities with the help of a new round of government policies, so that some enterprises can truly enter the r&d field of military products. (9) Innovative research and development mechanism and the rapid development of forging and pressing industry chain constantly put forward higher requirements for the improvement of the performance of some raw materials and the development of new materials. At present, both manufacturing equipment and raw materials need to be imported, which seriously affects and restricts the international competitiveness of domestic parts manufacturing enterprises.
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Foreign media: China is planning a global high-speed rail dynasty

Foreign media: China is planning a global high-speed rail dynasty

According to the Korea Daily on November 4, Since this year, Chinese high-speed rail companies have frequently won bids or reached agreements in the world high-speed rail market, not only In Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, and even the United States are considering the introduction of Chinese high-speed rail.   China is plotting a global high-speed rail dynasty, according to an article published yesterday by The Interpreter, The political commentary website of The Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank. China's international ambitions for railways are as staggering as China's rail companies are active in countries from Mexico to Serbia to Zimbabwe, according to an article published by The Interpreter website. The real jewel, in China's eyes, is a homegrown high-speed rail network linking Eurasia and the wider region, from Moscow to Istanbul to Singapore and even Alaska. Some of these ideas may not be feasible, but the high-speed rail project could expand its influence and promote the power of science and technology. Fifty years after Japan stunned the world with its high-speed trains, China wants to be as representative of high-speed rail technology as Switzerland is of watchmaking.   Wang Mengshu, a well-known Railway expert in China, told the Global Times that China's high-speed trains have many advantages over developed countries. First of all, we have a very good construction team, ready to put into the construction. The second advantage is that it is much cheaper than in developed countries, where the cost per kilometer of high-speed rail is $50 million, compared with $33 million in China. Moreover, China's high-speed rail construction period is short, and the speed is even more than twice that of developed countries. In addition, China tends to trade flexibly, not necessarily for money, but in exchange for resources.   South Korea's National Business Daily said on Nov. 3 that China is realizing the rise of high-speed rail, ranking first in construction capacity and price competitiveness in the world. The first high-speed rail line was the Beijing-Tianjin intercity line opened before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In just six years, China has more than 11,000 kilometers of high-speed rail in operation, accounting for 50% of the world's high-speed rail operating mileage. It is also important that Chinese leaders often use foreign trips to personally introduce and market high-speed trains. At present, more than 30 countries have signed high-speed rail cooperation agreements with China.
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