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Development process of CNC electric screw press and forging automation production technology

The driving principle of the auxiliary screw hydraulic screw press is invented by The German Company Hazen, which has developed the HSPRZ hydraulic screw press with the forging force of 125MN successfully. Due to the friction loss between the pair screw and the copper pair nut, the company turned to develop HSPRZ series hydraulic motor screw press.

Hengjia meeting --2020 Workshop on forging automation and information Technology

China Forging Association will hold the "2020 Workshop on Forging Automation and Information Technology" in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province on September 22-24, 2020. Wuhan New Wichita Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in the annual event as a gold sponsor. In the afternoon of September 23, Yu Jun, vice President of our technology department, will also deliver an important professional speech entitled "Intelligent Precision Forging Production Line and its Application", sharing new technical achievements and discussing new development trends. Looking forward to meeting you, let us go against the trend and find a new machine for forging automation.

| experience industry - from China international metal forming exhibition 2019

-- From Zhang Jin, China Forging & Pressing Association Reflections on China International Metal Forming Exhibition 2019 Unexpectedly, so many people came to visit, some equipment manufacturers in sheet metal production industry were absent or did not pay attention to, which made some particularly relevant audience very disappointed! Absent from industry events, they are in crisis, and some viewers are questioning. If you walk past your booth in a hurry, you're not attracting them! I really took the 2019 China International Metal Forming Exhibition seriously! Dare to talk about what I've seen and learned.

China Forging association group standard Committee establishment meeting successfully held!

From December 4th to 5th, 2018, the founding Conference of Group Standard Committee of China Forging & Pressing Association and the seminar of group Standard Promotion work were held in Henan Building, Beijing.

Study on integral Surfacing repair technology of step shaft forging die

The failure forms of forging molds mainly include deformation failure, wear failure, cold and hot fatigue failure, fracture failure, etc. In order to ensure the service life of molds, the mold cavity surface is required to have high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. The failure of die occurs mostly on the working face or pressed surface, which is closely related to the mechanical properties of the surface. If the performance of cavity surface or subsurface of mold can be improved effectively, the service life of mold can be improved very well without treating the whole material of mold. Therefore, in addition to the correct selection of mold materials, appropriate heat treatment, to ensure the processing accuracy, the surface of the cavity surface welding strengthened treatment can greatly improve the service life of the mold. It is a practical work to improve the die life and reduce the die cost. Failure analysis of hot forging die for step shaft The step shaft is a long rod shaft with a total length of 322.7mm. The material of the hot forging die is 5CrNiMo, the module specification is 480mm*260mm*160mm, and the forging form is 20MN hot forging press for preforging and final forging. The accumulated axial deviation of the step shaft forgings is 1.6mm, and the production of the forgings is stopped due to local unqualified dimensions due to accumulated tolerance limit. The failure mode of the mold is mainly the expansion of the hot blank surface in contact with the cavity surface, the mold surface is sprayed with coolant and lubricant when the forging is released, and the surface temperature drops and shrinks, resulting in the fatigue failure of the mold surface and the inner layer under the alternating action of tensile and compressive stress. In addition, mold cavity surface high-temperature tempering, mold surface high temperature softening, oxide skin abrasive wear and high temperature oxidation erosion, etc., aggravate the mold cavity wear speed, make the mold surface appear deep stretch mark premature failure. Therefore, the die cavity surface strengthened treatment, can greatly improve the service life of the die. Surfacing and repairing technology of hot forging die The repair procedure of hot forging die surfacing is as follows: surface cleaning of die body, condition inspection -- removing surface fatigue layer by carbon arc gouging of die body cavity -- overall surfacing after preheating -- isothermal and tempering after welding. (1) Carbon arc air gouging. After the mold cavity size detection is completed, carbon arc air gouging is carried out to cut the cavity surface. Gouging requirements: use 12mm carbon rod, set 70-75V voltage, gouging depth is 5-8mm along the cavity surface depth direction, remove all bumps and cracks, smooth transition at the corner, clean with slag gun and reveal metal luster, require crack source to be completely cleared. (2) Surfacing process. Welding materials imported from The United States: DZ1 (base), DZ2 (surface) two kinds of welding wire (DZ1 has good crack resistance, DZ2 is resistant to severe wear and high temperature) Preheat the mold to the average temperature of 500+5℃. The preheat time is calculated according to the module thickness of 1 inch (25mm) /1 hour. The preheat insulation time is about 6h. After the heat preservation cotton cover insulation show welding position, only use DZ1 wire welding at the bottom of the cavity during the welding process, about 60% of the total depth of welding, welding mold temperature is not less than 380 ℃, the welding process in each layer a red bead knock, immediately with pneumatic pick when asked to round with a blunt end pick cone play thoroughly, in order to reduce shrinkage stress and prevent crack, slag removal gun is used after clean welding slag, and then on to the next layer welding, welding shall not have in the welding defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, incomplete fusion. After the bottom area is welded, the surface DZ2 wire shall be welded until the upper surface of the mold is higher than the machining allowance of 5~8mm. (3) Heat treatment process. Post-welding heat treatment process requirements: isothermal - with furnace cooling - a tempering - with furnace cooling - secondary tempering - with furnace cooling. Immediately after welding is complete charging for 500 ℃ isothermal * 4 h, along with the furnace cooling to room temperature after charging for the first time tempering treatment, tempering temperature is 580 + 10 ℃, the tempering time calculated on the basis of the module thickness 25 mm/h, with the secondary tempering furnace cooling to room temperature, the above process, requires cooling rate per hour is not more than 30 ℃, the mold after the second tempering hardness requirements for: 45 HRC ~ 50 HRC. Economic analysis of die before and after surfacing The step shaft mould material is 5CrNiMo, and

Suggestions on measures to promote the development of forging press industry

In recent years, the output of forging products in China far exceeds that of other countries, but we are always large but not strong, and the concentration of forging enterprises is very low. To promote the benign development of enterprises in the future, it not only needs the encouragement and support of national policies, but also needs the state to provide a development environment of fair competition, and also needs the organization, guidance and driving of industry associations. (1) Improve industrial promotion policies, reduce the ways of promoting industrial development through investment, and increase the reliance on tax incentives to guide industries to become bigger and stronger. (2) Innovate business models and adopt a variety of development modes. (3) Introduce materials, processes and technologies suitable for China's national conditions. Enterprises should not simply invest blindly, take pride in owning the world's largest equipment, and neglect the corresponding technology. (4) In the face of the arrival of the industrial era, how to deal with the domestic forging industry. In the future, the demand of forging industry will be: intelligent equipment - intelligent upgrade of domestic equipment control system; Business informatization - big data, point-to-point rather than point-to-point; Supply chain integration - coordinated and unified development of process, mould and equipment; Roboticized - labor costs are high, and young people nowadays are reluctant to enter the factory especially the forging business. (5) Enterprises should go abroad, push domestic enterprises to the international market, and take advantage of international conferences to promote. (6) Establish a platform for product information exchange and docking with platform websites, strengthen B2B business websites, and realize the sharing of information and resources. (7) Improve the financing environment of enterprises, learn foreign financial models, innovate business philosophy, and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. (8) Enterprises should promote military-civilian integration and seek new development opportunities with the help of a new round of government policies, so that some enterprises can truly enter the r&d field of military products. (9) Innovative research and development mechanism and the rapid development of forging and pressing industry chain constantly put forward higher requirements for the improvement of the performance of some raw materials and the development of new materials. At present, both manufacturing equipment and raw materials need to be imported, which seriously affects and restricts the international competitiveness of domestic parts manufacturing enterprises.

In the first half of this year, hainan completed the investment of 3.89 billion yuan in highways and waterways

A number of key projects, such as The Tunqiong Expressway, are under intensive construction. The reconstruction of sand and soil roads in County roads is progressing in an orderly way. The reconstruction of Haiwen Expressway has been turned into asphalt paving. Since the beginning of this year, Hainan province has accelerated the construction of transport projects, focusing on improving the integrated transport infrastructure of urban and rural areas. In the first half of this year, the investment in highways and waterways reached 3.89 billion yuan. A total of 880 million yuan was collected from vehicle traffic surcharges, accounting for 61.9 percent of the annual plan and an increase of 20 percent year-on-year. This is what the reporter learned from the whole province traffic transportation development situation analysis meeting that held yesterday. Since this year, with the implementation of the "scientific planning year" and the "Project construction year" as the main line, the provincial transportation department has accelerated the transformation of the economic development mode and made every effort to promote the project. The transportation economy has the characteristics of "simultaneous development of land and water, standardization first, stability in the medium and promising, quantity increasing and quality improving, people's livelihood putting first, and all-round promotion". In the first half of this year, four key highway projects, including The Tuen Qiong Expressway, completed a total investment of 1.047 billion yuan, 46% of the annual investment plan. It is reported that as one of the ten practical matters for people's livelihood in Hainan Province, county road sand road reconstruction project is also speeding up. By the end of July, the total mileage of the province has been 711 kilometers, accounting for 75% of the county's total mileage of sand and soil roads and 90% of the annual plan. It is reported that this year, Hainan province will start construction of county road sandy soil road 800 kilometers, 400 kilometers.

Tianshui to build high-end forging and pressing equipment and construction machinery manufacturing projects

Tianshui economic development earlier, at the beginning of the last century, carved lacquer, textile, flour and other traditional industries began to sprout. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the industrial development has been rapid. At present, there are 749 industrial enterprises, forming a regional industrial system with processing and manufacturing industry as the main body, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, light industry and textile industry as the leading industries, and food, building materials, chemicals, plastics and other industries competing for development. Recently, Tianshui city and some well-known Enterprises in China held a cooperation project signing ceremony in Tianshui Hotel, in which Tianshui Forging & Pressing Machine (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Non-ferrous Metal Industry No.8 Metallurgical Construction Company signed an agreement to jointly build high-end forging and pressing equipment and construction machinery manufacturing cooperation projects. Tianshui forging & Pressing co., LTD., as a professional manufacturer of large-sized forging and pressing machines and forging and forming equipment in western China, has advanced technology and equipment advantages in the equipment manufacturing fields such as plate shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic machine, plate rolling machine, pipe making production line, etc., and is building a manufacturing base project of medium and small-sized high-end CNC forging and pressing machine. As a large enterprise group with diversified development in construction industry, real estate industry and equipment manufacturing, Provincial Eight Metallurgical Co., Ltd. has strong economic strength and market expansion ability. Committed to developing equipment manufacturing business, it is preparing for the construction of equipment manufacturing project in Lanzhou New Area. It is understood that through the establishment of strategic partnership, the two sides will cooperate wholeheartedly in the construction of Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone and Lanzhou New Area equipment manufacturing base project, and in the future the two sides will give priority to the use of each other's products and services in their respective business and project construction. In addition, the two sides will work together to establish equipment manufacturing bases in Xinjiang, Central Asia and other places, carry out production and operation, expand domestic and foreign markets and seek greater development of the two sides. It is reported that the signing ceremony has a total of 15 well-known enterprises in Gansu province and outside the successful signing of cooperation projects, signed a total investment of 3.765 billion yuan.

The first is to lock the target market and serve the professional forming process field. German hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises to automotive, mechanical parts and household appliances and other modern batch manufacturing as the target market

For example, German DORST technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of hydraulic press for powder metallurgy products, German Diefenbach Company specializes in hydraulic press for FRP products, and German Schuler group SMG company mainly produces hydraulic press for sheet area forming and metal volume forming required by automobile manufacturing industry. In the early 1990s, tianjin Nande Press Co., a joint venture between Tianforging, Citic and Germany's SMG, was set up in the Tianjin Development Area to produce such products. Japanese hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises also take automobile and other batch manufacturing industry as the target market, serving in various fields of forming technology. For example, The Japanese Company, Amino, focuses on the production of hydraulic presses used in automobile covering mold manufacturing and automobile liquid-filled forming parts. In the mid-1990s, Tianforging, in partnership with Ahmino, produced four research and matching hydraulic presses and one mold test press for the mold center project of tianjin Automobile Factory. The second is to provide complete process forming process equipment. Hydraulic press manufacturing enterprises in industrialized countries pay attention to provide multi-process equipment to the forming process market, and provide complete services for multi-process forming process through the automatic connection between each process. For example, the refrigerator compressor housing production line successfully developed by SMG in the 1980s covers all processes such as uncoiling, leveling, conveying, blanking, drawing, drilling and stacking, and produces 13 shells or 15 cover bodies per minute.

Advantages of CNC electric screw press

Development advantages of CNC electric screw press: A. The main engine structure of the electric screw press is relatively simple, easy to maintain and low failure rate; B. The strike energy of the electric screw press can be precisely set, with high forming precision, high die life, small parts tolerance, suitable for precision forging; C. Electric screw press has no fixed dead point, no need to adjust mold height, simple structure, easy to change mold, easy to adjust stroke height, accurate return position, stable strike rate, high efficiency; D. When the slide block of the electric screw press is stationary, the motor does not work and the power consumption is low; E. The electric screw press can set parameters through the human-machine interface, pre-select the strike energy and strike force, and display the actual strike force and process curve through the TV screen, which is convenient for technicians to analyze the process and do experiments; F. Program forging can be carried out by the electric screw press, and the host machine can run automatically in accordance with the pre-set working step hitting energy. After hitting, the slider can also stop at the bottom dead point, and the time can also be pre-set, to meet the technological requirements of setting the sealing die forging action for some thin-wall parts such as blades; G. Electric screw press adopts special switched reluctance motor. When the press is working, the starting current of the motor is small, which will not impact the power grid of the factory or affect the operation of other equipment. H. Electric screw press has large equipment guide length, high guidance precision, good body rigidity, high equipment precision, strong anti-biased load capacity, saving human resources and energy. Although the electric screw press started late in China, with the continuous development of electric motor manufacturing technology in China, the electric screw press in China will certainly achieve a leapfrog development, and the rapid popularization and application of the electric screw press will also make the level of forging technology and equipment in China rise to a new level!
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