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The development course

2016 till now: Core die forging and forming equipment + overall solution provider

The company has successfully developed servo direct-drive CNC electric screw press, die forging CNC servo hydraulic press and various extension peripheral units, and will continue to invest in the research and development of automation, information and intelligence

2006-2015: Professional manufacturer of CNC electric screw press

Successfully developed a series of specifications and models of CNC electric screw press mature products and won the market promotion and customer recognition, and took the lead in the establishment of a number of fully automated forging lines and turnkey projects.

2004-2005: Towards the road of industrialization

After a long period of testing, improvement and improvement, the first commercial product of electric screw press was sold in 2005

2002-2003: Seeking the direction of industrialization

Investigated the latest research progress at home and abroad, mainly in Germany and Japan, began to research and develop the second generation of domestic electric screw press, and produced the first domestic prototype in 2003, filling the domestic gap;

1993-2001: R&d technology company

High efficiency hydraulic screw press, new friction press and fast forging hydraulic unit based on computer control have been successfully developed.

Founded in 1993

It is supported by The State Key Laboratory of Material Forming and Die Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and hubei Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. Engaged in the research and development of new forging equipment and its computer control system for a long time;
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